Code of conduct

Project Discipline

  • I am able to create and define a ticket with its Definition of Done, story points, time estimation, labels and link it to other tickets for dependency management.
  • I am able to own my ticket (Epic, User Story, Task, Bug) from creation to the Resolved status and involve all stakeholders proactively to achieve its resolution in due time.
  • I am able to systematically deliver value to the product I’m assigned to on a daily basis, regardless of complexity and time commitment.
  • I am able to track my hours on the products I am assigned to on a weekly basis and communicate deviations in the forecasts
  • I am able to commit to the sprint goals I’m assigned to.
  • I am able to assess my work on the products I’m working on with real users and accept their feedback.
  • I am able to do everything in my power to avoid leaks of confidential information and data I hold about the company and its clients.

Communication (external/outbound)

  • I am able to communicate directly with a client by asking questions, answering questions, and redirecting the question to the right stakeholder.
  • I am able to demo and explain my work to a non-technical stakeholder.
  • I am able to propose alternatives to stakeholders and challenge them based on my current understanding.

Communication (internal/inbound)

  • I am able to use the most appropriate and efficient way to communicate with my colleagues and clients.
  • I am able to proactively share and document knowledge to my colleagues, no matter their position.


  • I am able to answer the question addressed to me within due time or inform about the time needed to answer it.
  • I place my personal goals within the context of team goals.
  • I commit to being an engaged team player.
  • I proactively support my colleagues when encountering difficulties at and outside work.


  • I am able to assess my own limits and ask for support to achieve the committed goals.
  • I am able to give and receive feedback and/or recommendations from any of my colleagues, no matter their position.
  • I am able to cross-check the given information to ensure I understood them correctly.
  • I am able to reflect on the given feedback and advise in my daily routine.

Mindset (Pro-Activity and Mutual Respect)

  • I proactively seek contact across teams and stakeholders to build and nurture sense of community
  • I am able to respect others ideas and share my point of view without judgement.
  • I am able to work with a best effort approach and accept to iterate over it.
  • I am aware that conflicts, if not addressed early, may increase over time.
  • I am able to treat my stakeholders and peers at an equal level and due respect.